Ceramic Soap Dish
Ceramic Soap Dish
$ 22.50

Ceramic Soap Dish

Keep your handmade soap high and dry with our handmade ceramic soap dish. 

  • the deep ridges allow for air flow that keeps your soap dry which means it lasts longer
  • the ridges are wide enough for easy cleaning
  • dishwasher safe
  • hand built by real humans in our studio in Indianapolis, Indiana

We recycle every scrap of clay in the studio. All the mixed scraps of clay are collected and we use them to mix up a totally new studio clay. Sometimes it is our standard tan color but other times it may be darker, have swirls of brown or red...we never know what it is going to look like until it comes out of the kiln and that is the beauty of it. The serendipity of recycled clay helps us put less in the landfill and saving waste is worth all the extra effort.


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