What material do you use: sterling silver, gold filled, or 14k?
We use a mixture if all metals depending on the item. Most items are sterling silver plated in 14k. Some items do have gold filled chain. Please item description for each item.  Generally solid 14k gold items reflect he price.  

What is the difference between gold filled and 14k gold plated?
Gold filled is a mixer of metals with 5% of solid 14k gold mixed in.  Gold plated is sterling silver than plated in solid 14k gold.  Solid 14k gold is pure gold. 

Do you replate?
Yes, free within the first 30 days. After 30 days a small re-plating fee will incur plus shipping charges.  

Does your skin turn green or itch?
No.  We use precious metal and have never had any issues with that. We pride ourselves on quality. 

Do you use brass?
No JNB only use precious metals. 

How long will it take to get order?
Most items are in stock and will ship within 48 hours.  If an item is not in stock we will notify you and give you an estimate delivery date. Custom orders will take 2-4 weeks depending.  

Do you do custom orders?
Yes, we do.  Jacqueline works with customers to create exactly what you want.  

Can you do solid 14k gold in an item?
Yes, most all items are offered in solid gold. If not please e-mail

Do you do engagemet rings?
Yes, we love doing engagement rings. Please email us and we will begin the process. 

What if I just missed a sale?
Sorry, we no not price adjust.  Please join the JNB newsletter to be updated on any sales and all that is going on.

Do you provide a return label?
Not currently. We are working on this and hope to add this feature in the near feature.  

Are sale items final sale?
Yes, all sale items are final sale. No exceptions. 

Do your items turn color?
Generally no.  However, it can happen.  Solid 14k gold will not tarnish.  Gold plated items can eventually change over time.  If you wear your items everyday and do not take the of.   Maybe once a year or every two years you could use a replate. Gold filled can loose its color slightly and dull but will not change.  

A polish cloth will work wonders and make your jewelry look new. Use a silver cleaning solution let it sit for a few minuet and then use your polish cloth to shine.