Healing Mushrooms Paperback Journal
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Healing Mushrooms Paperback Journal


Healing Mushrooms Lined Paperback Journal -Blank Notebook with Pocket

ACID-FREE PAPER: More difficult to decompose than regular paper and has a longer shelf-life. It is commonly used when someone wants to archive notes, daily journal entries or sketches for several years without the pages deteriorating or yellowing.
FEATURED ART: Reflect on your daily life and rejuvenate your spirit in this healing journal, featuring the 19th century botanical watercolors from Honzu Zufu (Illustrated Manual of Medicinal Plants) of the Edo era by Iwasaki Kan'en (1786-1842), a botanist and samurai vassal of the Tokugawa aka Edo shogunate.

This book title, Healing Mushrooms Lined Paperback Journal (Blank Notebook with Pocket), ISBN: 9780804855662, by Tuttle Studio, published by Tuttle Publishing (November 29, 2022) is available in paperback. 


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