Mountain Barrel Small
Mountain Barrel Small
$ 55.00

Mountain Barrel Small

Available in two scents: Bourbon Vanilla & Grapefruit Pine.

The Mountain Barrel candle is a light color, smoothly sanded, renewable mango wood container. This candle has a gorgeous natural wax finish with a fitted lid and metal base plate to ensure safe burning. Each candle will vary slightly in appearance.

The Mountain Barrel is hand poured in Georgia, by our experienced candle makers, with twenty ounces of a clean burning, United States grown, fragranced soy wax blend with a high-quality fragrance compound oil.

40 hour burn time. 

These candles can be reused once the wicks have burned away, and it has been cleaned out. Repurpose it as a decorative container for your table, kitchen counter or desk, to be used time and time again.