American Bar: The Artistry of Mixing Drinks
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American Bar: The Artistry of Mixing Drinks

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just relaxing with a cocktail, let world-renowned bartender Charles Schumann be your guide to mixing masterful libations. American Bar—the most authoritative cocktail book ever published—provides all the information the cocktail lover or professional bartender needs to serve up the perfect drink. Inside American Bar you'll find:
Recipes for more than 500 drinks, listed alphabetically
An easy-to-use drink index arranged by drink categories
The fascinating history and names of leading brands of all the major cocktail components
A handy guide to bartending equipment
A glossary of international bar terms and measurements
Illustrated with hundreds of delightful 1930s-style line drawings by Günter Mattei, this exceptionally handsome book is an indispensable companion to home or professional entertaining.