Raw Crystal Point
Raw Crystal Point
$ 2.00

Raw Crystal Point

Each JNB crystal has been washed in the Carlsbad ocean and has received blessings from our spiritual guides.

Clear Quartz is known as a master healing crystal and is the most powerful negative energy cleansing crystal. The pointed shape of this Clear Quartz point сrуѕtаl adds power to the natural abilities of the crystal.

- Clear quartz amplifies healing energy bу аbѕоrbing, ѕtоring, rеlеаѕing, and rеgulаting it.
- Clears negative energy.
- Improves your focus and declutters your mind as it aids with memory and concentration.
- Pair clear quartz with other crystals to enhance the abilities of other crystals.

Listing is for (1) stone.